“Keep the Faith” ~Tim Ryan

There are so many great people I have had the pleasure of meeting throughout my life. One was a very successful client back in the day when we were in the interior design and custom cabinet Business in Connecticut.I was fortunate to meet a special gentleman by the name of Timothy Ryan.  Tim was a successful builder and […]

From Pressure, Diamonds are Created

I have so many favorite quotes that relate to my life and some that have resonated with me for so long. Today is Saturday, 10-29-11 and as I work feverishly on my book, I am reminded of one of my favorites; “From Pressure, Diamonds are Created!”                                            No doubt that some of us need more pressure than others […]

A Halloween to be Remembered

It was dark at 5:30 AM on a Friday morning in late October 2009. It was the last day of school before Halloween, which was to fall on that weekend. When the alarm went off and Dawson Santoro jumped out of bed. He knew it was the day he had been waiting weeks for.  He knew this would […]

Four Generations in Four Months

It was the summer of 2005 and we were visiting Karen’s Grandmother at the nursing home in Connecticut.  A day or two earlier, Karen made the five hour drive there with the boys from our summer home in Northern New Hampshire.  I had flown the plane down that afternoon to pay my respects to Karen’s family and to be […]

Karen, Ian & Tobi

Karen and Ian Santoro

Karen, Ian and Tobi Has anybody here seen my old friend Karen? Can you tell me where she’s gone? She loved a lot of people, But it seems the good they die young. You know, I just looked around and she’s gone. Anybody here seen my old friend Ian? Can you tell me where he’s gone? […]

I can do this- John Truman Carter