Karen, I’ll Never Find Another You

“I’ll Never Find Another You” There’s a new world somewhere They call the promised land. And I’ll be there someday If you could hold my hand. I still need you there beside me No matter what I do For I know I’ll never find another you.There is always someone For each of us, they say. […]

No Time Limit

I Like This One!

”Fear kills More Dreams Than Failure!” ~Unknown

Another Note From an old Friend…

Robert Santoro- If you had a dollar for every time you made me smile, In the last 29 years, You would be a very wealthy man! Too bad I can’t pay that tab! You Sir, are my very special angel sent from up above. 

Nellie Joins The Family Christmas 2012

The Best 15 Years of My Life…

There are song lyrics that we hear a few times in our lives that resinate wih us so strongly based on an experience or event that was so powerful. This one is one for me as it solidifies the best fifteen years on my life. Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road Time […]

Letters from Friends

5-27-16  8:51 PM Hey- After some careful soul-searching, it occurred to me that I truly feel that you are my best friend. Through all these years and from several different states across the country you always managed to make sure that we kept in contact. Who does that? Although we have not had face to […]