Love Stories

When I was finished attending college in lower New York, I was discouraged with the, what
I call, “Glamour Girls” of Suburban New York City.
Now, please forgive me, the last thing I want to sound like is a snob, but they just weren’t my type.

I guess I just wasn’t lucky enough to meet the “right girl” while I was in college

The Hair, the make up the, fingernails and worst of all, the lack of
education, and sophistication.  This is all just my opinion of course but, they were young, immature and played head games.

It was very obvious to me that if I wanted a grounded, down
to earth, All American type, I was going to need move out of
suburbia and head north to a more countrified area.  I knew EXACTLY what I wanted in a woman.

I also had saved enough money for a down-payment on my first house and I knew I would get a lot more for my money and pay lower taxes in Connecticut.

I moved up to beautiful Connecticut and in less than six
months, there she was.  We met through her boss where she was working one of many jobs.

This was at a design studio where she worked full time.

Prior to me moving there and meeting her, we had both dated
but with mostly disapointment.   We were both 28 years
old and ready for a sincere commitment with the right person.

We met through business, at a gathering, I asked her out.  By the third date, wewere talking marriage.

A few months later we were engaged.

And just over a year since we first met,
we were married.