Dawn’s Poem

My cousin Dawn and I are very close in age and have been like siblings for as long as I can remember.  Karen and I asked her to be in our wedding party. Dawn is also very creative. At Karen’s wedding shower, she gave her a beautiful poem that she wrote and created as a work of […]

Ed and the Funniest Thing Karen Said

One day not long after meeting Karen, my friend Ed from Long Island gave me a call and asked to come up for  visit. He wanted to see my new place and meet my new girlfriend.  So, Ed came up for the weekend in the spring and Karen’s friend, Sally put together a horseback riding […]

Anne Smalley

Anne Smalley Of course we all remember when we were first in love with that special someone.  When we were on cloud nine, no matter how old you were, you still felt like you were only 16 years old.  For Karen and I, we were smitten from very early on. When Karen and I met, […]