“Keep the Faith” ~Tim Ryan

There are so many great people I have had the pleasure of meeting throughout my life.

One was a very successful client back in the day when we were in the interior design and custom cabinet Business in Connecticut.I was fortunate to meet a special gentleman by the name of Timothy Ryan.  Tim was a successful builder and developer in the prestigious town of Greenwich, CT.

Tim was one of the most down to earth, family man types, I had the pleasure of meet.  He had a amazing wife and four beautiful children.Even during times when we weren’t doing business together, out of the blue, Tim would give me a call just to talk.  I remember when, Karen, and I were invited were invited to their home for dinner.  Tim and his wife Maria became friends as well as clients.

It turned out that Tim Ryan was the nephew of John McCormick, a very successful entrepreneur and the author of the book; “Self Made in America.”John was also published in, and featured on the cover of, Inc. Magazine.

But the one thing I will always remember about Tim was his parting words to everyone whether you were leaving his office or finishing up a phone conversation.  Tim Ryan always said; “Keep the faith” and it was always with a jolly smile on his face.  I don’t know why he chose those words but Tim had his own line and that was it.

Somethings just seem to stay in our minds forever, make it the good ones.



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