E-mail-November 14, 2012

Hi Bob – Great to talk with you tonight!  I’m so pleased and thankful that you had such a positive day!  You certainly deserve that and more!  You’re a bright spot in my life and I hope so much that its a spot that will be there forever!  I certainly love you very much and am so proud of the way you’re handling everything!  I can hardly wait to hear your first presentation and to read your book!  You’re going to be fine and I can see the healing coming along as well.  I can’t believe its after 10:00; I had decided to try to stay up as late as I can so that I will sleep beyond 4:30 AM!  I’ve been paying bills and Linda (oldest daughter) just called from CA, and we talked for almost an hour, so now I am getting ready for bed and I think that I should be able to make it for a full night’s sleep!  Hope we’ll talk tomorrow, one way or another . . . and you can come into the PO for the next ten days, while Patty is there.  Please do!  Hope the haddock was good . . . glad the salmon was!  Take good care of yourself and take some time to smell some of the roses along the way.  Life is way too short to do anything else!  You work so hard and get so tired . . . it worries me!  Loads of love, Nancy

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