Ed and the Funniest Thing Karen Said

One day not long after meeting Karen, my friend Ed from Long Island gave me a call and asked to come up for  visit.

He wanted to see my new place and meet my new girlfriend.  So, Ed came up for the weekend in the spring and Karen’s friend, Sally put together a horseback riding excursion for the day not too far from where we lived.  So, the four of us went and had a really nice time.  Ed, to this day, still remains unmarried.  Ed always had a bit of an ego.  It’s OK, as two hard core New Yorkers, we criticized each other all the time and love it!

At some point during the day, Ed notices Karen beaming at me.  With that, he asks her; “Hey Karen, you really like Bob don’t you?”  Karen answered with a tremendous glowing smile; “yeah, I can’t believe we met, I’m pinching myself”

Well, of course when the time came, Ed was a guest at our wedding, and in the months and years following the wedding, he continued to take trips up to visit us in Connecticut.  One day he was over and Karen was yelling at me for something and just then, being the quick witted New Yorker Ed was, he asked; “Hey Karen, are you still pinching yourself?”  Even more quick witted was Karen with her response; “No Ed!, now I’m hitting myself!”

We even laughed about fighting.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  God, I miss that girl.

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