Dawn’s Poem

My cousin Dawn and I are very close in age and have been

like siblings for as long as I can remember.  Karen and I asked her to be in our wedding party.

Dawn is also very creative. At Karen’s wedding shower, she gave her a beautiful poem that she wrote and created as a work of art.

It was an eight and a half by eleven inch piece of parchment paper with a beautiful script font.  It was so beautiful (and funny) that I had it enlarged and

copied to poster size and  displayed on a full size easel at or wedding reception.  Dawn’s poem read as follows:


Dear Karen,


Today is your day

All eyes are on you

We’re watching all that you say

And all that you do!

You are special to us in so many ways,

And that is why today is your day.


On June 28th nineteen ninety two

You will take Bobby’s hand you will say “I do”

That’s a very long time, the rest of your life,

To hang out with Bobby—to be his wife.


Your emotions are high

Your feelings a glow

You work well together

And that’s all we know!


Remember always, he’s your lover your friend,

He’s there for you now and until the end.

Love makes the good things much better~

And the bad things not half as bad

Remember, you will be happy

Much more than you’ll ever feel sad.


With all this in mind,

You’ll walk down the aisle.

You’ll be nervous and happy.

And wearing a smile!



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